FR serves as the liaison between the University and the federal government. We strive to advance the University’s missions of teaching, research, and public service, thereby enhancing educational opportunities for our students, faculty, and staff. We are committed to developing strong partnerships between our elected representatives, the White House, and the University.

Federal Relations advocates for robust investment in the federal research enterprise. In addition to support for scientific research, federal efforts that bolster resources — both financial and programmatic — for student, faculty and staff success are fundamental to our long-term national security, economic growth and prosperity. Scientific progress and societal advancement are not possible without fostering student success.

Please see the link below for UVA's policy on engaging with government officials for faculty and staff. Faculty and staff are asked to contact Federal Relations before engaging with federal elected officials. This includes situations in which an elected official or agency contacts you directly to discuss a university matter. By contacting Federal Relations, you can help ensure UVA provides an appropriate and coordinated response and that the engagement is properly accounted for in UVA's federal reporting requirements.  This coordination ensures that the University speaks with a consistent voice and complies with state and federal laws concerning lobbying and advocacy and is intended to support, not interfere, with the exchange of ideas between lawmakers and subject-matter experts.